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Youth Bureau FAQs

Q. Where can youth find opportunities to serve their community?

The American Red Cross has created a Student Volunteer Directory that is now accessible online. You may contact the American Red Cross for more information at 585 241-4490 or view the directory, Generation Give Back at Youth can choose the organization they would like to volunteer for, select the hours they want to work, and keep track of the hours they work right on the website.

Q. Where is the Youth Bureau located?

The Youth Bureau is located at the Monroe Coummunity Hospital: 435 East Henrietta Rd., Faith Wing - 3rd Floor, Rochester,  New York 14620 Phone: 585 753-6455 Our hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Q. How do I get working papers or a work permit?

Youth under the age of 18 can get their working papers/work permit from their local high school office. If the work permit application is not available from your local high school office, you may get one from: Rochester City School District Office 131 West Broad Street Rochester, New York 14614 Phone for Work Permits: 585 262-8564

Q. My son or daughter is looking for a job, where can my child find information on job openings?

If a youth needs help finding a job, suggest he or she start by contacting one of the following: 
* Arbor Cite for Youth (ages 16–21) at 585 288-2010 
* The Center for Youth, Learn to Earn Program at 585 473-2464 
* City of Rochester Good Grades Pay Program for Ages 14+, call 585 428-6366 
* Catholic Youth Organization, Rent-A-Kid, call 585 546-2440 
* Job Corps for Ages 18+ (ages 16–24, income eligible and public assistance), call 585 454-5130 
* Monroe County Department of Human Services, Employment Unit (for only those on public assistance), call 585 530-4537 
* Native American Cultural Center, call 585 442-1100 
* RochesterWorks! at 255 N. Goodman Street, Rochester, NY 14607, phone 585 258-3500, will assist youth ages 14–21 with training and tools to help them get jobs. See the quick link to their website below! 
* Urban League of Rochester, Youth Build program, call 585 325-6530 
* Workforce Investment Act (WIA), call 585 258-3535 
* AmeriCorps, for ages 18+, 585 262-1778

The Monroe County Library System offers "book shelving positions" in the Main Branch and at the Monroe County Library Branch Offices. For more information on job openings call 585 428-7300 and ask for the Personnel Office. Requirements are: 
1. The student must have completed the 8th Grade 
2. The student must have working papers/work permit.
You can also contact the School to Work Coordinator in the Rochester City School District at each 7–12 grade school.

For more employment information, download the Adult Guide to Youth Services (232k PDF) and view page 44. Visit the Rochester Works! website for additional information.

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