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Zone C Weekly Crime Report

C-Zone Neighborhood Crime Watch
October 21, 2021 to October 27, 2021


Forgery 2nd / PL / Hillary Dr / 21-169912

On 10/10/21 C Zone second platoon Deputies investigated numerous larcenies from vehicles in the area of Hillary Dr. Victim was contacted, but stated that he did not believe any of his property had been stolen. On 10/16/21 Victim learned that three of his ESL Bank Checks had been cashed without his consent, and soon realized that said checks had likely been stolen on 10/10/21.

Grand Larceny 4th/CM 4th / Paul Rd / 21-174035

Patrol was dispatched to Davis Park for the report of a vehicle break in.  Victim states that she came to Davis Park to walk with her friend. She arrived around 1315 hours on 10/22/21. She left her purse tucked under her driver's side front seat and locked her car doors.  When she arrived back at her Honda Accord around 1415 hours she found her passenger side front window broken, and her purse was missing.  Victim immediately called ESL and cancelled her cards. As of report there has been no purchases made on the credit cards.  Victim states her purse was a small black no brand purse that had $100.00 cash in the front zipper.  Also in the purse was her medical insurance cards and her NYS Driver's License. 

Reckless Endangerment 1st / CM 4th / Beahan Rd / 21-175531

On 10/24/21, shortly after 2300 hrs, Deputies responded to the Turkish Society Banquet Hall for shots fired in the parking lot. During a Halloween party, an argument between a female and a M/B wearing a red track suit began in the parking lot. Victim and her friend were seated in her car and could hear the male say, “I’ll shoot up this bitch” just prior to taking out a handgun and firing if five times into the air. Victim and friend ducked down in their seats during the gunfire and that the windshield of the car they were sitting in was hit with two rounds. When the shooting stopped they looked up and the male in the red track suit was gone. A total of 25 casings were located in the parking lot, and witness information suggests that there may have been more than one individual shooting rounds into the air. CIS to follow up.


Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.


GL 3rd / Edward Ln / 21-175612

Victim left her 2017 Kia Forte, white unlocked with keys inside, in her driveway during the early morning hours on 10/25/21. She returned to find that the vehicle had been stolen. A depo is on.

Attempted PL / Edward Ln / 21-175699

Victim reports that her vehicle and her husband’s vehicle were rummaged through while parked overnight in their driveway on 10/25/21. Nothing appeared to be missing from either. Available vehicle information available is 2010 Toyota Corolla

GL 3rd / Short Hills Dr / 21-175743

Victim parked her 2018 Toyota, Rav4 in her driveway with keys inside at 0001 on 10/25/21. At 1054 on the same date she found the vehicle was gone. A Depo is on file.


Nothing to report.


PL/Unlawful Fleeing / Brockport Spencerport Rd / 21-175959/21-176037

Michael Barnhart stole $916.62 from Walmart and ran when approached by Asset protection. He made it to his vehicle, a 1997 Chevy S10, and struck a marked MCSO patrol vehicle while fleeing the parking lot. He left the area driving recklessly, but was ultimately taken into custody by the State Police after crashing in the city. 

PL / Hollybrook Rd / 21-175929

Victim left her BMW X1 unlocked in her driveway during the early morning hours of 10/25/21. She came to find that two pairs of GUCCI sunglasses valued at $250 had been stolen.

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