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Zone B Weekly Crime Report

B-Zone Neighborhood Crime Watch
October 21, 2021 to October 27, 2021


Grand Larceny 3rd / 1 Miracle Mile Dr / 21-171847

Wilmorite Security reports that between 10/15/21 and 10/19/21 an unknown suspect removed condensers and coils to 3 A/C units located behind the Malls storage building. 

Burg 3rd/CM 3rd/GL 4th / Loden Lane / 21-174932

On 10/23/21, at 0400 hrs, the suspect gained entry to the unattached garage at the above location by driving his vehicle through the garage door.  The male then dragged an orange snow blower out of the garage and around the corner.  The suspect vehicle was described as a black pickup truck.  The garage bay that was entered is used by Westbrooke Commons maintenance to store equipment. 

GL 4th / 380 John St / 21-175162

The victim reports on 10/24/21, he was working out in the gym at the above address when a black male approached him and asked if he could borrow the victim’s cell phone.  The victim unlocked the phone and handed it to the suspect.  The suspect left the location with the phone. 

Burg 3rd/GL 3rd / 1 Miracle Mile Dr / 21-175750

The manager for the Piercing Pagoda reports when she opened the kiosk on 10/25/21, she discovered several jewelry cases open with several pieces of jewelry missing.  A review of interior mall video shows a black male suspect wearing a face mask, white hoodie and jeans, walking around the interior of the mall starting at approximately 0005 hrs.  The suspect is seen entering the kiosk, taking jewelry from the display cases and placing the jewelry in a bag. 

CM 4th/Auto Stripping 2nd / 2975 Brighton Henrietta TL Rd / 21-175886

The manager for West Star reports on 10/22/21, an unknown suspect cut the catalytic converter off of a work van parked at the location.  The repair cost is valued at $2,200.00. 

Robbery 3rd / 1200 Marketplace Dr / 21-176402

The victim reports on 10/26/21, she was walking in the parking lot towards the entrance to Walmart, when she noticed a silver SUV pull up next to her as she was walking.  The driver of the SUV reached out of the open window and grabbed the victim’s purse then pulled away towards Marketplace Dr.  The male suspect was described as a white male approximately 35 to 40 years old with black hair.  The purse contained a cell phone, cash and credit cards.

Greece PD had a similar incident at Greece Ridge Mall on 10/25/21. The suspect vehicle is believed to be a silver Ford Ecosport that was reported stolen out of the Town of Greece. 


PL/CM 4th / RT 390 NB/Kendrick Rd / 21-174732

The victim reports on 10/22/21, he left his 2007 Ford F150 parked on the shoulder of RT 390 after the vehicle broke down.  When he returned to the vehicle he discovered the passenger side window was broken and a Bosch circular saw was stolen from the interior of the vehicle.  A set of aluminum ramps were also stolen from the bed of the truck. 


Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.


GL 4th / Briarwood Lane / 21-175251

The victim reports on 10/24/21, he allowed a black male suspect wearing a surgical mask to take his 2014 Nissan Sentra for a test drive.  The vehicle had been listed for sale on Facebook Messenger, and was unregistered with an Arizona dealer plate on it. The suspect left with the vehicle and did not return. 

GL 4th / West Grenadier Rd / 21-176866

On 10/27/21, first platoon deputies responded to the area of West Grenadier Rd. for the report of two black males attempting to gain entry to parked cars in the neighborhood.  The suspects were wearing all black clothing with white face masks.  The victim reports the suspects entered his Honda CRV and removed loose change and a credit card from the center console of the vehicle.  A canvass of the area revealed an additional four vehicles had ben rummaged through on West Grenadier Rd and North Cavalier Rd.   The suspects were seen leaving the area in a black SUV with a loud muffler. 

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