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Monroe County Equity Pop Up Request Form

In order to reach people where they are, pop-up vaccine clinics are designed for smaller, community spaces such as churches, schools, non-profit agencies, and one-time special events. Your equity pop-up event and location being proposed/requested should offer a unique opportunity to reach underserved and/or high-risk populations that are unlikely (or demonstrated based on data) to be effectively reached by existing vaccine distribution channels.

Target Population

Depending on event size, typically between 4-10 support roles are needed to smoothly and effectively run and manage vaccine event logistics such as parking area assistance, entry (temperature check, sanitizer), attendee flow, registration and observation. 

Clinical Partners

A clinical sponsor (NYS Vaccinator) is required to implement any vaccine event. Please indicate if a clinical partner has been identified and/or if there are any preferences regarding clinical sponsor/partner.

Vaccination Details
Event Contact Information
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